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Our Mission

Our Officers

 President: Nancy Spitzer

Vice President: Lee Vickers

Treasurer: Paul Minard

Secretary: Ron Hoag

Board Member: Kristen Mauzy

Board Member: Phil Karwowski

Board Member: Chris Kunkle

Board Member: Brigitte Nelson

Board Member: Sid Sharma

Our Committees

Social Events: Chris Kunkle | Brigitte Nelson

Website Admin: Sid Sharma | Andy Ayoob

Newsletters: Kristen Mauzy

Community Service Projects: George Baker

Financial Investing and Information: George Baker

Membership Recruitment: John Blake

Facebook: John Blake | Kristen Mauzy

Support (prior Board members): Jim Steinmetz | Dave Berrong | Ron Artinger 

Contact Board / Committee Members

To contact any of the above individuals, please use the Contact Us form below with your comments, questions or suggestions. Please be sure that it is addressed to a specific board or committee member that you wish to contact, and clearly state your comment, question or suggestion in the comments section. If your comments, questions or suggestions are general in nature (not directed at any specific board or committee member), then it will be routed as deemed necessary and we will reply as soon as possible - if a response is required.