Member Payments

Digital Payments and or Transfers

We have added an option that will let members pay using Zelle (eliminates the bother of writing a check, envelopes, postal stamps and making that trip to the mailbox). Zelle is a convenient, safe, secure, and simple way for members to pay dues and or event specific amounts; please click to Get Started see if your bank or credit union has Zelle integrated in the banking app.

If members wish to pay dues or event specific amounts using Zelle, then please use the email address (as the recipient) in Zelle to pay such amounts. As stated above Zelle is an added option, and members can continue to pay their annual membership dues and any other event specific payments to SWRA, Inc., as they have done in the past, including check payments.

Checks may be mailed to (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH):

Paul Minard

1610 Woodchuck Ct. 

Winter Springs, Fl. 32708 

If you are new to Zelle and have additional questions, please watch the short YouTube video (embedded) below or visit their FAQ page. Please also take time to read up on the Safety Education for invaluable information.

Just One Request

If you intend to use Zelle, then we request you to please ensure that in the "memo" portion (which maybe an optional field in Zelle) you indicate what the payment is for. For example: "Joe Moe | Membership Renewal 2024" or "Jim Rim | New Membership 2024" or "Jane Dane Museum Visit 2023".

Future Plans

We have plans to add at least another payment processor or two in the future (we don't have an implementation plan), where members can use ACH or Cards (credit or debit) to make payments - annual membership dues and event specific payments.

Members will be notified as and when this becomes available.